Our Ground-breaking Club Legacy Continues

With a goal to develop a Strategic Plan that analyzes and takes an objective view of the Club's Current environment, provides guidance and direction to future Boards – and ultimately – enhances Members' satisfaction, Jericho Tennis Club's Board of Directors began a planning process in 2013.

As a result of this comprehensive process – including research, Member surveys, focus groups and more – an exciting series of projects will now start unfolding.

Project Highlights

Pool, Deck + Hot Tub – features a new 25 metre pool with 35% more capacity and a 40% larger deck, as well as a new, larger hot tub. This project also includes a new retaining wall and an enhanced Grassy Knoll with a new barbeque/food preparation area.

Third Bubble – 4 additional winter courts are being added to our existing 8 winter courts, significantly increasing year-round tennis facilities.

Bike Facility, Staff Facilities, Storage + Parking – a 30-stall, secure, class-A bike facility will be developed under court 8. Shower and change facilities are also being created for staff. At the same time, more storage will be added for the Club.

Lower Level + Fitness Area – our current Fitness Facility will be expanded by 40%. This project will also see the Family room relocated to the lower level as well as improvements to the Junior facilities, lower deck and barbeque area.

Locker Rooms – major improvements will be conducted on our existing Locker Rooms, including refurbishing and modernization.

Office Space – as a short term project until new office facilities are developed, current office space will be reconfigured to provide an improved working environment for Staff.

Pier/Floatin keeping with our historical roots and past facilities at the Club, this project to be considered by future Boards.